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A Day for Veterans November 12, 2007

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One Response to “A Day for Veterans”

  1. Miss Try Says:

    As someone with a little brother who’s a marine, all I can say is RIGHT ON! “Vets” today are otherwise known as “kids.” Kids who were usually lured by a powerful recruitment machine, with the promise of college tuition and “being all you can be.”

    My brother is one smart whip. Athletic, intelligent, kind to small animals and women, exactly the kind of person you wouldn’t think would join the military. But they got him. Now he has to face going over, losing his job and wondering if he’ll lose his life. Is he sorry he joined? Boy fucking howdy, is he. This isn’t “the way” they told him it would be.

    And before you say, “well he should have known,” ask yourself, did you do anything stupid when you were nineteen? Was there anything nobody could talk you out of, or did you have a feeling of immortality and never-endingness?

    Yeah. Me too. Only I didn’t have to pay with my life, or someone else’s.

    I don’t worry about him being wounded or even killed – as strange as that seems, those both seem like comparitively “clean” endings. I worry that he will have to kill someone else, and then live with that for the rest of his life.

    So my little dorky brother is going to be a “vet.” Lets hope this time next year, he’s here to celebrate another (unspectacular) Veterans day. I think I might go buy one of those little red paper poppies today…if I can find one.

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